SA Women's Indoor Hockey Squad Team Member Graduates Summa Cum Laude

Ms Kelsey Glynn Swanepoel is ecstatic to have graduated summa cum laude in Biokinetics.

SA Women’s Indoor Hockey Squad Team Member Graduates Summa Cum Laude

Westville Girls High alumnus, Ms Kelsey Glynn Swanepoel, graduatedsumma cum laudewith an honours degree in Biokinetics.

A keen sportswoman and a provincial hockey player, she was recently selected for the South African Women's Indoor Hockey Squad.

Swanepoel chose to study Biokinetics as she has a passion for rehabilitation as well as helping those with clinical needs to become more active, thus enabling them to lead a healthier lifestyle. She is currently serving an internship in Biokinetics at Justin Bircher & Associates – One Sports & Wellness in Hillcrest.

Commenting on her experience at UKZN, Swanepoel said, Time management was one of the biggest challenges during my honours year. We had practical hours to complete at various externship sites across Durban in between lectures on campus as well as juggling tasks or studying daily. It felt as if the year was non-stop and there was always something to do. To overcome these challenges, I made a conscious effort to stay on top of things and was very meticulous in all my assignments. Overall, I have no complaints about UKZN.

I feel extremely honoured by my accomplishment. It was a tough academic year, so to come out of it with asumma cum laudepass is very special. My future aspirations are to finish my internship this year and further my knowledge of real-life healthcare practice.

Words:MaryAnn Francis

Photograph: Rajesh Jantilal